GCIP Outcomes to Date

The Georgia County Internship Program (GCIP) was created in 2010 by ACCG. The purpose of the program is to offers grants to counties to recruit and hire college and university students and recent graduates to fill project-focused internships in a variety of county government offices and settings.

Program Statistics

  • To date, over 300 students have filled internship positions in 65 counties
  • 43 different types of county departments have participated in the GCIP
  • 11 of the state's 12 regional commission districts has had at least one county that has participated in the program
  • 50 areas of study have been represented
  • 86 colleges and universities both within Georgia (56 schools) and out of state (29 schools) have been represented in the program.
  • Popular projects were Geographical Information Systems/GPS/Mapping (15%), Public Safety/Courts (11%) and Database Analytics (10%) 
  • 25 majors and 8 graduate degree programs have been represented. 
  • Popular student majors included Political Science 9%, Geographical Information Systems 8%, General Business 7%, Communications 5%, and Accounting 4% 
  • The most popular graduate program has been Public Administration 
  • 37 in-state colleges and universities, 10 technical schools, and 15 out-of-state institutions have been represented in the program. 
  • 61% of interns had general county employee training, 54% had specialized training, 22% received computer training 
  • Of the computer training offered, 41% of interns received training in Excel, 20% received training in Access/Databases, 20% received training in Geographical Information Systems/GPS/Mapping, 17% received Accounting software training and 63% received specialized computer training

Intern Experiences

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