Jones Management Consulting Internships

The ACCG Civic Affairs Foundation is grateful to the firm Jones Management Consulting for its generous commitment of financial support to create a new internship program for college and university students. 



These internships will start during the summer of 2013 and focus on developing and sharing information and best practices among Georgia counties to help improve citizens’ health and well being.

As an initial approach, selected interns will be used to gather, analyze, and report information relevant to county government using Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities that merge a variety of statistical databases with cutting-edge data-mapping technologies. Also referred to as geographic information science or geospatial information studies, this approach will enable county leaders and decision makers across the state to see not only how their own counties are doing across a spectrum of key indicators, but to see how their counties compare with others in their region and statewide.


Internship criteria and selection

As envisioned, interns will be college seniors or post-baccalaureate or graduate level students. They will be enrolled in, or recently graduated from, appropriately-related academic program fields (including areas such as public health, planning, GIS, natural resources, government, etc.)  

Using Foundation’s existing higher education relationships, specific students will be identified and asked to apply for the internships. They will be required to demonstrate an interest in community-building and must possess advanced research and analytical skills, strong verbal and written communication abilities, a positive work ethic, and an interest in government. Prospective interns will be interviewed by Foundation and ACCG staff.

The reason for focusing on college seniors and graduate students is that, in addition to undertaking various research projects, interns will be required to report the results of their work to leadership audiences in the counties and communities they have worked with and studied. They also may be asked to develop recommendations for possible alternatives to address community problems or situations discovered through their analysis.

Finally, interns will be expected to interact professionally with a variety of public agencies as well as elected and appointed government officials, including county commissioners and staff.

Thus, the intern positions will require students who not only are intellectually exceptional, but who are strong communicators and who have the maturity to perform at a high level. In addition, selection will require students who demonstrate their understanding of the significant career experience and opportunities offered by the internship and who express their desire to take full advantage of the position.


Sponsorship of Programs Modeled on this Approach

The Foundation wishes to use the Jones Management Consulting Internship model to create new sponsored programs that address other core issues and problems facing Georgia communities and counties.

Individuals, organizations, or businesses interested in helping advance civic engagement among college and university students by partnering in the creation of similar internship programs should contact the Foundation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.