The Civic Affairs Foundation

Created in 2006 by ACCG, Georgia's county association, the ACCG Civic Affairs Foundation is a nonprofit corporation under the laws of Georgia and is recognized as a charitable organization operated exclusively for tax exempt purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Foundation Vision

To establish Georgia counties as a national model in undertaking, through their state association, civic affairs initiatives that strengthen county governments and improve local communities.



To advance civic and community engagement in Georgia counties, and thereby support the work of ACCG in accomplishing its strategic goals on behalf of those counties.

The Foundation pursues this mission by undertaking creative programs, projects and initiatives that enhance citizen education, encourage civic engagement and community improvement, and promote participation in county government. It works in partnership with ACCG and its member counties and collaborates with organizations, agencies and funders in Georgia and nationally to achieve efficiency in the use of resources and to share best practices.