ACCG Civic Affairs Foundation programs provide a variety of civic engagement experiences for students across Georgia from high school through graduate school.

They offer students a chance to learn practice-based lessons about where they live and how they can make a difference in their communities through public service.

In addition, enterprising students can use Foundation programs to build a solid set of real-world, workplace accomplishments that – in addition to advancing the civic good – will help them in their careers by better positioning them for any job they may seek.

These experiences are intended to both inspire and enable Georgia’s next generation of citizens to embark on lives of civic leadership – whether in government, the private sector, or as nonprofit volunteers.

Thanks to donors

Foundation programs are made available thanks to generous support from financial donors in the private sector, including individuals, corporations and businesses, and philanthropic foundations.


Civic Impact Grants for Georgia High School Students: Launching in August 2014, this will be a statewide competition allowing students to identify issues in their communities, create plans for how they can help address those issues, and apply online for project grants from $500 – $1,000 to implement their projects.

Georgia Civic Awareness Program for Students: Created in 2006, this after-school initiative helps educate high school students about the important roles local governments fill and the services they offer to all citizens in Georgia, and gives participants a chance to develop and implement civic awareness projects.

Georgia County Internship Program: Started in 2010, offers grant funding to counties to recruit and hire college and university students and recent graduates to undertake project-focused internships in a variety of county government offices and settings that will produce specific outcomes benefitting the county and its citizens.

Jones Management Consulting Internships/Fellowships: Thanks to the firm Jones Management Consulting, internships and fellowships are available for college and university students and recent graduates focused on developing and sharing information and best practices to improve citizen health and well being.

UBS Financial Services Internships: Thanks to the firm UBS, starting in 2014 college and university student interns will work with ACCG and county staff on projects that address county retirement programs and employee financial health into retirement.

Civic Solutions Fellowships: Launching in 2015, this program will provide fellowships to graduate students and recent master’s and doctoral graduates, working as teams in at-risk regions of Georgia that face multiple and systemic problems, to engage in full-time work with civic and county officials to plan and undertake projects addressing these large and daunting issues.